Pass the tax preparations to the pros

For something that everyone has to do, filing your taxes is certainly a difficult and confusing process. And filing them incorrectly can result in serious consequences and fines. Rather than push through the complicated paperwork on your own, hire Dorothy's Bookkeeping, Payroll & Tax Services for:

  • E-file tax preparation: We'll help you file your personal or business tax returns online.
  • Sales tax preparations: We'll pull the correct reports, complete the necessary forms and ensure the government receives them on time.
  • Business tax returns preparation: We stay on top of the latest tax rules and regulations, and we'll ensure you contribute exactly what you owe.
  • Personal tax return preparation: We'll work hard to ensure you receive the quickest and largest return possible.

From sales tax preparations to business tax returns, Dorothy's Bookkeeping, Payroll & Tax Services can do it all. Customers can pay with cash, check, credit card or Cash App. Call today to schedule an appointment.